Custom Website/API Hosting Subscription


Hosting (verb)

To serve as host to guests such as in hosting a party (or a website)

Service includes

  • Hosting for your website or api using appropriate technology
  • 2 checkins a month spent updating the system software and checking for any problems. (fixing those problems is billed at an agreed hourly rate)
  • Priority seating in our live chat support queue


Everyone needs somewhere to live, and websites are no exception

You can host your website or API on a server with us for a reasonable monthly fee. We host each client on Linux servers with capabilities that exceed regular traffic needs and provide nearly 100% up-time. When you choose hosting with us, you can rest easy, knowing that your business is facing the internet with its best foot forward online around the clock.

What you get

We keep your site online and up to date. We also monitor it to suggest new ways we can help you with your mission.


You must register and log in with a social identity or username and password before you can purchase hosting. This is so that you can log in and modify settings and provides the option to log in and cancel your subscription should the need ever arise.

***Some restrictions and limitations may apply.

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